HELP..Cassette loo

Mar 14, 2005
Leaving on Fri 15th for short break.Problem is that my Thetford C4 cassette manual flush loo is not flushing as well as it should.I have noticed the last couple of holidays that there is small black deposit when we flush the loo.I bought Thetfords tank cleaner recommended for the flushing tank.

The system had been emptied after our last trip 6 wks ago.So today I filled up as directed and flushed some through the system by using the manual flush and noticed that there was some resistance and the flush was not as good as previously.

Managed to get the handle and part assembly removed and I am down to the bellows but do not know how to remove this.

My own thoughts are that there is a blockage of the

"black stuff".As we are leaving this Fri I am in a

bit of a panic,due to my wifes medical condition we really can't do without it.

Any advice would be greatly

appreciated.Phoned my local

caravan repairer and was told that they might be able to look at it mid-december .Its

a 1997 Elddis Hurricane Vogue

Thanks in advance.john.b.
Mar 14, 2005
I think it is unlikely to be the black deposits that are blocking your flush system. Every time I take my Elddis out of storage the flush system is full of the stuff! I place a hose in the filler hole and 'flush' the system through by constantly flushing the toilet. This may even cure your other problem.

However don't let it spoil your break, have a good time.
Mar 14, 2005
hi john

From what you've said you now need to prise up the pump housing -can normally be done by hand by squeezing and lifting the outer wall of the housing -once lifted there are two pipes connected one points down and pulls the fluid up via pump action .In that sort pipe is a small flap that lets the fluid to be pulled up but not allowed back I think the 'black' pieces may be allowing the pump water to reduce and produce a reduced flushing ability.Trouble is youve got to get the holding tank fairly clean or the problem will reoccur without fail.Good Luck.simon


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