Help! Unable to find fuse box in Elddis Envy 180.

Oct 5, 2019
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Hope someone can help?
I plugged a device into the 12v socket in the rear lounge tonight and the lights flickered for a moment and then all the rear 12v sockets went off, i.e. no power. The ones in the cab work. Now the manual that I have is for a Peugeot Boxer and shows three different fuse boxes however the one in the drivers side is totally different to the manual. And I am unable to find the other fuseboxes. The drivers one does not seem to have the fuse for the 12v rear sockets.
Does anyone know where these other two fuseboxes are? I am clueless!

By the way I do have another 'manual' for the Elddis Envy 180 but that doesn't even tell you about any of the fuseboxes!!



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