Mar 27, 2005
Hi Rob

I tow with a Honda CRV but a manual not an auto. I find it a fabulous tow car. I am sure there are bigger and better 4x4's for towing but I personally don't see the appeal of these bigger vehicles.(Unless you are strugling to get your 85%) Before anybody chips in I drive a 4x4 crew cab in pursuit of my hobby/work and could (and have) used it to tow but I prefer the Honda. I have never experienced the reported poor MPG when towing but then I tend to drive fairly conservatively. Only last weekend I was on a CL, the van was in a bit of a dip and we had a heavy shower. When I hooked up and pulled the front wheels slipped briefly then the auto 4x4 engaged and out we came, no problem.

Hope this helps

PS you may do better posting in the tow car section

Happy vanning :)
Mar 14, 2005
Rob, Like Martin I have a manual CRV and like him I'm very happy with it. The only downside is the 60kg noseweight limit but that has been increased in 2005 model to 100kg.

As for fuel I get 30 ish driving round town etc and about 35mph on long solo trips. When towing I don't keep a record but guess its about 24mpg, I think it will be considerably less with the auto but have no personal experience.


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