How rare is my van?

May 21, 2008
We have a Link 575 built in 1982 by Deanline. It is 19feet long and has four berths. It is built on a twin axle chassis which as the name suggests, has the axles linked simlar to a lorry twin axle set up. This means that you get next to no weight transfer even going over speed humps, which is great for towing. It only weighs 1360Kgs max, so it can be towed by our Laguna estate 2Ltr.

I'm lead to believe that it was one of maybe only 20 ever built. It has stood the test of time very well. I have upgraded the water heater to a carver 2, and installed an electric flushing cassette loo to bring it more up to date, and changed the sink/gas hob. Otherwise it is original.

I hve so far in the 5 years I've had it, not seen another one still living. can anyone help with info as I would like to know more about the van and it's concept.
Mar 14, 2005

Try contacting Mrs S May of the Deanline/A-Line Owners Club, 7, Tavistock Close, Hucknall, Notts., NG15 6JR. Tel: 0115 966 3507.


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