I did it own my own...clap clap clap

Mar 14, 2005
3rd caravan trip (and still luving it) 1st two trips watched as all the experience people came into the woods and negotiated the first tight bend, I of course got totally wedged and some of you may remember our first experience towing story some months back...I was so jealous, how could they make it seem so easy...WELL YES this weekend, on my own, no guidance, I got round on my own with plenty of clearance...I guess practice really does make perfect...now I just need to master reversing and using the cooker!
Mar 14, 2005
Well done - we all had to go through this stage. You'll soon be to the helper rather than the helpee stage and make even more new friends.

Stationary Office publish a very good handbook on towing if you want to read up a bit more.

Not sure about the cooker, though - fair division of labour is what it's all about.


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