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Mar 14, 2005
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Just had our renewal notice, gone up £50 since last year, admittedly it's new for old policy on van valued at £16500,but as its 4 years old when we looked to change it dealer quoted £8500 to trade in.Just leaves a bit of a nasty taste, moan over.
Jan 19, 2002
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surely if it is new for old you are actually insuring your van for the cost of a new replacement. Therefore the trade value of your van is not relevant.

As with all insurance it does well to shop around. You might like to try Look under Toolbox/Insurance and see what comes up. You can then use this as a guide to who might be cheapest. The caution on the site about it being based on les-than full information is worthy - all the details about my wife's car brought up a much cheaper quote than we actually pay the same company!
Hi Paul, sorry to say it is NFU that we are insured with, seems like they offer good rates to new customers, existing customers who have never made a claim are subsidising their new business, in my opinion.


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