It is not just the caravan industry

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Nov 11, 2009
It didn't need to have all the Uk's goods, the fact it blocked the canal for a week, preventing hundreds of other freighters from getting through was the bigger effect. Some of course were tankers, and the companies bosses redirected them to other places, which left us short, and with increased lead times to be resupplied.

I have heard one estimate from a leading freight company that reckons the blockage has delayed or otherwise affected either directly or indirectly well over 25% of the worlds marine freight .
Prof my tongue in cheek comment also included Europe’s imports too. But even before the Suez blockage our east coast container ports were failing to cope and U.K. bound imports were being diverted to Antwerp and Rotterdam.
Jan 3, 2012
We thinking of replacing our fencing panels in our garden and what a price now they have double in price for a panel so we got someone to refresh them they look better now (y)


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