Its the simple thing that give you the headache

May 20, 2005
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Today I have been helping my other half get the caravan ready for Easter, she drinks a lot of tea so I was busy supplying this whilst she washed the caravan it was hard work for me.

I did my bit though I connected up the lead for the new solar panel to the caravan battery took me 10 minuets I then spent 30 minuets trying to put the battery strap buckle back together, I know its not rocket science but it beat me, ended up tying it in a knot. Until I did a goggle and found this

What would I do with out the internet (probably have a live)
Mar 14, 2005
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Or ask the wife to do it - far cheaper and if it then fails you can shout at her - no good shouting at the computer. If I bring my motor home to you will your wife wash it for me as mine flatly refuses? She says it is registerd in my name so I am responsible for cleaning, etc.


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