Jockey Wheel


Mar 14, 2005
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No, they are not all the same size.
Different vans have different diameter wheel spindles and different width of wheel.

Replacement depends how it is fixed in the first place.
Some are clamped on the outside of the A frame, others by a clamp inside the A frame.
A picture would be helpful.
Jan 19, 2002
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If you just want to replace the wheel itself - measure the diameter of the wheel then the 'axle width' - you should be able to obtain a direct replacement from local outlets or somewhere like Towsure. My axle is held in place by a split pin, so you need to remove it with a stout pair of pliars, and it would be best to replace it when re-assembling. Likewise my solid plastic wheel looks a bit worse for wear, but a new replacement will only get the same wheeling over hardstandings etc.
May 7, 2012
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Most newer caravans should have an ALKO chassis which takes the ALKO jockey wheel. When i needed a new one two years ago it cost me 29 pounds at the nearest dealers. You could buy a slightly cheaper one that fitted but it was not enough to take the risk.
Sep 29, 2016
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Can be a pita job Andy,

The obvious thing are:

1. The wheel is wonky.
2. The wheel supports are bent, twisted or both.
3. The inner shaft is bent.
4. the outer shaft is bent (kinda unlikely though).

1, 2, and 3 could have occurred simultaneously in a hard contact with something erm - harder.

Take the lot off the draw-bar, get it on a bench and straighten (you may need a lot of heat), if it is only a dodgy wheel then your luck is in and cheap to fix.

Saying that, if several components are collision damaged, the time put into repair may not be worth cost of replacement.

The cheap ones sold by some caravan dealers are poopy poopy wastes of space, good ones can be had from £45.00 by careful shopping around, check out the ones for commercial trailers e.g. Ifor Williams, Bateson and Indespension etc.


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