Just got new(er) tow car

Sam Vimes

Sep 7, 2020
We've being towing an Elddis Xplore 304 with our 2012 Qashqai, 1.5dci for a couple of years but at 10 years old it was in need of frequent insertions of money as things broke. So we decided it was time to get something newer.

We liked the Qashqai very much and it was very economical to run (excluding repair bills). So we looked for a new model and opted for a 2018 Qashqai with a similar 1.5dci engine but enhanced compared to the old one.

What a difference! Apart from much better styling the mpg is significantly improved. On a run to Inverness from Skye we would typically get about 58mpg in the old car. In the new one last week we got 82mpg. On a longer run through the Highlands we would still get about 56-58mpg in the old one but now we're getting over 77mpg on the same route.

Towing used to give us about 34mpg now we're getting about 44mpg.

There are more bells and whistles, most of which I like and the engine is much quieter and not like the old sewing machine sound we used to get. Gear ratios seem different and clutch and throttle seem lighter. Ride is also smoother.

Footnote: When we first started towing our Xplore 304 with the 2012 Qashqai we noticed a loud 'crack' noise from the near side rear of the car. It would only happen a few times on a journey and when we went over speed control bumps or those irritating ramps in road works. We thought it was something banging around in the caravan locker and I spent a while putting in some foam and wrapping things up but the problem was still there. Never a problem when not towing.

Two clear Mots later and heading for another one they discovered the rear near side coil spring was broken. Not in two but not attached to the plates at the bottom - or however its fixed. It must have been like this for a couple of more years and never picked up.

The new car tows the van well and there's no cracking noise anymore.
Nov 16, 2015
Sounds like your onto a winner with your new car, really great improvments.
On my last SantaFe, I got a proffesional remapping done, excelent results and within the capabilities of the Turbo. Now my present SF is 82k miles thinking of doing the same, cost about £350, more torque and a 5mpg all round saveing.
Jan 19, 2002
Wow that mpg is just stunning and shows what can be engineered into vehicles! You must also have a gentle right foot!
Jul 18, 2017
Just had a read up on reviews about the 2018 Qashqai with 1.5dci engine. Quite impressive spec regarding gadgets that you get as standard in the Tekna version. Fuel consumption for such a large car is very impressive.
We did not want another "big" car, but the Qashcai seems to fit the fill all round as Mrs B now since coming out of hospital has great difficulty getting in and out of out 1996 Corolla as it is too low. I also struggle getting in and out.
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Sam Vimes

Sep 7, 2020
I have the Accenta version which has less bells and whistles than the Tekna but more than enough for me....less to go wrong and distract you.

According to the salesman and articles I've read Nissan aren't doing any more deisels but going for electric and hybrids. Which just don't make sense for us here in the Highlands.

Comfort wise its very good. My wife has just had her second hip operation and finds getting in and out straighforward. Just 4 weeks from the op she has just undertaken a 4 hour ride in the car and found it very comfortable and can get in an out easier than before her op.

As for economy, my ghast was flabbered when I saw the 82mpg pop up on the screen. I drive economically but drive to the speed limit when conditions allow. Is it fake news? I think not judging by the fuel guage and what we're putting in.


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