la torre.del sol

Mar 14, 2005
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hi steve, we stayed there in 02 & 03, we since have discovered camping cambrils about 6 miles farther north; a far,far better site in all respects.we found la torre too busy (10000 people)and there seems to be underage drinking issue as well.
Hi Steve

Stayed there 3 years ago on CC rally. They cancelled the rally while we were in transit and subsequently we had a hell of a job getting on site, we were parked all over the site. That said, on site facilities are good but as the other correspondent said, very busy. Beach not that good, neither was there a particularly good one close by. Our biggest problem was the adjacent road (N371 I think) during the day its gridlocked with cars, at night the HGVs come off the nearby motorway and the noise was intolerable.


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