Leak in over-cab bedroom

Nov 9, 2011
We have recently joined the world of motorhoming, having bought a 28 year old 5 berth Talbot last year (picture of "Daisy" in my profile hopefully !). It is in extremely good condition for its age and we have already used it a couple of times with great success. However, when we drive in rain, there seems to be water coming through into the overcab bedroom area. It is not pouring in, but has made the interior wood very wet. There is a join on the outside which seems to be where the water is coming through - there is sealant there, but it looks very old. We are pretty sure it is not the window, as there are no damp areas near to it. My husband is pretty clued up on all matters DIY and is planning to reseal it himself, but I just wondered if there was a specific product we should use for this task and also where we might be able to buy it.

Also, we are hoping to have Daisy serviced before our trip to Europe in the summer - can anyone recommend a good garage in the Surrey area ?

Many thanks.


Nov 19, 2010
Hi Ali, and welcome to the "lifestyle!" Daisy's picture has come up fine - looks a beauty.
Tracing and fixing leaks on coachbuilts is a science(or art!) all of its own. It might be worth getting a caravan or motorhome dealer to run a damp meter round the overcab area. That shouldn't cost more than a few quid, and may establish exactly what route the water is taking, thereby avoiding wasted effort mending the "wrong" joint. If they're at all helpful, they can also recommend products to use.


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