Hi, I have recently bought a 1990 ABI Jubilee Viceroy, and I have a problem with the shower head having a constant drip when the shower is turned off. Also when I do turn the shower on, the shower works fine, but water comes out of the kitchen tap as well.

Does anyone know of any obvious things to check, this is my first 'van with hot water, and I'm not very familiar with these systems.

It has a carver II hot water system.

Thanks Jason.
Mar 14, 2005
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Hi Jason,

We had a similar issue but with the tap in the sink in the bathroom.Same caravan.If the shower drips constantly, ensure all other taps are completely turned off.Check to see if the water pump is pumping.If the water pump is not pumping then can only assume that its water left in the shower and hose.If it mainly drips when you use another tap, then its going to be the o` ring washers within the tap unit itself, the same applies to the kitchen tap.If this is the case you may be able to take apart and replace, but in my experience this was not possible ,therefore had to replace whole tap, can be a little expensive depending where you go.Good luck.Ian


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