Let's clean up the forum

Mar 16, 2005
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I'm sure everyone has been watching the antics of a few forum users - who may not be using this forum in the way it was intended!

The main complaints made by the majority of users mainly concern the hi-jacking of serious threads, which then deteriorate into pointless bickering.

Another cause for concern is the way a few forum users cannot conduct a debate without resorting to personal abuse and insult.

Then came the icing on the cake when a couple of users changed their nickname to that of other users (including the Moderator) for reasons we can only guess at. Enough is enough!

From now on I would ask all contributors to stay strictly on target when responding to a thread, even resisting the temptation to throw in a witty remark.

Those who want to engage in banter or debate issues not covered by the other forum titles should do so in the Chit Chat forum. Still observing forum etiquette, naturally.

The publishers of PCV are determined to take a firm stand in the future, and those who persistently abuse our forum will have their membership terminated.