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Mar 11, 2007
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What is the expected life of a leisure battery.
We have a 2011 Kon Tiki which has been fairly regually used on both long holidays on EHU and weekends without.
Recently, on a week long rally without EHU I had to use generator every 3 days in addition to fixed 120 Amp solar panel, much to the annoyance and complaints from fellows of "the Friendly Club".
I know that my van is very drinker of battery charge but something was not right.
I was planning to test for unexpected drains on battery capacity but first, connected to home EHU until I got around to it.
Whilst it has been plugged in and therefore being charged by its charger, I have noticed a rotten egg smell which has got progressively worse during the week.
I know what the smell means so I have unplugged it from EHU.
I am about to price up replacement leisure batteries (it has two).
Can't help but wonder what life others get from leisure batteries and if anyone can recommend a supplier.

Thank you in advance for any replies.


Jul 28, 2011
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When we bought our first van it had the original, 2 year old, battery from when the van was built in 2004. A few years later I replaced it with a bigger one on the grounds that it might go but I still actually have it, sitting on a shelf in the garage. It doesn't get much use now, only when I want to run a 12v appliance on the bench, but it still takes a charge.

The battery in our current van is a 85Ah Banner Energy Bull. We have had the van 3 and a half years but have no idea when the battery was installed. The only maintenance it needs is a little topping up of the water now and again and it is kept charged by the 80W panel on the roof plus the odd EHU charge in the winter and when cooling the fridge before a trip.

That doesn't really answer the question I know but, from what I've read, it depends on quality as much as usage. I will definitely go for a Banner again when the need arises.



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