Living in France

Mar 14, 2005
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After several years of spending long holidays in France, we are taking the plunge and selling up. We are moving over in September, living in our van until we can find a house for long term rental, (don't want to get involved in property buying).

Does anyone have advice regarding caravan insurance, is it better to insure here or there? Can we expect to pay lower site fees for a long-time pitch, or is this at the discretion of the site owner?

All help on this or anything else you can think of will be much appreciated.
Mar 14, 2005
If you are going to stay on the same site on a semi-permanent basis and do not intend to use the caravan on public roads in France I would seriously consider whether it's worth insuring the van at all once you get there. I would think that the risk of a UK caravan being stolen on the Continent is minimal. They are just too easy to recognise.


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