Living in the caravan

Mar 6, 2019
Hi All,
There is quite a number of people living in caravans these days and we are about to do the same. I am finding getting insurance difficult though and wondered what others have done. We have lived in the caravan before for 9 months but it was on private land so I don't think I had it insured, well I can't have done (can't remember!) Living in it is bad enough but on private land :S
I don't think theft is an issue but what about public liability and storm/ accidental damage and contents. We want to move around more this time too and still be able to go away like we would anyway on holiday. Last time it was permanently sited with 2 awnings up and proper plumbing!
I am wondering if maybe I can get separate policies in place to cover the above eventualities, does anyone know if that would be a way round it. What are others experiences of this?
Nov 11, 2009
So if you are living in it and moving around I can’t see that it’s any different to someone who spends all year touring. If you stay on recognised sites or CL/CS and abide by your insurers requirements on security you should be able to get insured through one of the two clubs. Or is it because you don’t have a permanent residential address?


Nov 12, 2009
Hi Laybylilly
I'm not sure if this old topic will be of any help to you.

There's masses of reading material there from an old forum member who lived permanently in his tourer for a couple of years.
Mar 6, 2019
Just found Andrew Ditton on You Tube. He says about full time touring. I have got an address, I pay the council tax there and all the bills, It's on Airbnb! Doing really well, we don't want to move back in there and loose that income. So we want to move in the caravan for a while rather than renting somewhere, while we look for the next place. Perfectly reasonable I'd say but I have been ringing round loads of insurance companies saying we want to live in the caravan when infact technically we live at the address which is on Airbnb. We can go back and stay there anytime we like, so I don't see the difference anyway. I have actually got insurance at the moment but they say they are cancelling it from the day we "move in" the caravan. Thanks for your reply, I am going to ring them again!


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