Lunar lexon sb 2007 awning rail help!!!

Oct 3, 2022
I recently bought our 1st ever caravan in April this year! Lunar lexon sb 2007 fixed bed. When went to view it the owner said ther has been previous water issues which had been repaired. A few little marks but nothing bad. Since then I have found leaking into the bathroom area and discovered the wallpaper which was up after a few months it wasn't the original. I have since removed it which just pealed off in whole pieces and have discovered it leaks when awning is attached but not when it is attached which made me to the conclusion it's to do with the awning rail. I have tried to remove the rail to seal it etc but half way through began to notice that I have damaged it an removed its original shape in the process. Is there anywhere I can get a new rail from for the back quarter?
Mar 14, 2005
Hello Owlass, and welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry to read of your problem, unfortunately this is one of the risks of buying privately, you have much less protection if things like this happen. If you did purchase from a dealer, you might have some rights to help under a dealers warranty or your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act.

For many types of older spare parts I'd suggest asking caravan breakers, but things like awning rails, the removal often can damage them rendering second hand ones very difficult if not impossible to use.

It may be yours could be carefully removed, so any repairs to the wall or roof can be completed, and then seal and refit your original rail. You might be best to seek advice from a repairer who can actually look at your caravan and give specific advice. They should also know about the availability of appropriate spare parts.

Good luck.
Jul 18, 2017
If you are anywhere near the Birmingham area there are one or two specialists in thsi sort of repair. Just to add we had the identical caravan many years ago.
May 7, 2012
Given Lunar no longer exist, finding an awning rail will be difficult. You could try breakers but not sure any will have awning rails. I would think that if Lunar did identical layout on the same size body in other ranges they will use the same size rail which might help.
As we are in Scotland I have no details of any firm who I know of to do a repair.