lunar solar 524 seems to be front heavey + need to fix a crack

May 8, 2005
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Hi all,

I'm quite new caravanning so any help would be appreciated. My lunar solar 524 when i measure the nose weight using a controller always seems to be front heavy. In the fron locker i have a gas bottle, spare wheel, and mains cable. Under the front seats are the sleeping bags and pillows. Everything else has to go in the back of the van, ie tv, waste master clothes. Tin food and fridge are over the axel. In the configuration i can get to an 80KG noseweight which for the setup seems heavey. Is this a common fault with caravans or am i doing something wrong.

Also i have found under the front window a small peice of the fibre class front mising (1cm x 1cm) probally done by a stone chip whilst towing. This has revealed the gell type stuff below. You cant notice it unless you look closely. IS this a problem that needs to be fixed immediatly or is it only cosmetic damage.

Sorry for such a long post but any help would be appreciated.
Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Paul,

If you are over weight with the list of items you have in the front locker, the simplest things to move wold be the mains cable. It probably weighs 5Kg or so, so immediately you would be about 5Kg lighter. If you put it at the rear of the caravan it will further reduce the nose weight, similarly the spare wheel. It should be possible to loose 15Kg quite easily.

as for eh fibreglass repair, Provided there is no actual puncture through the thickness of the panel, there should be no problem with water. If it is hardly noticeable, it should be possible to do DIY repair (Halfords or the like kit) If you are concerned about the appearance see your local caravan or car body repairer.