lunar zenith advice

Mar 5, 2006
I am thinking of buying a new Lunar Zenith 4 bert caravan, does anyone have any advice of pitfalls on this model of Lunar in general.

Which do you think is the better van the Lunar or the Bailey Ranger.
Apr 11, 2005
Hi David

I have the Lunar Zenith(6) and have had no prolems with it so far,its a 2004. It is an entry level van,very good value for money I feel, spec wise there are six of us and we all manage along comfortably, I think the higher spec the more gizmo's you get, i.e alloy wheels, radio's ,more sockets etc etc, although I believe you can get dealer specials that upgrade.Fitted a remote sensor for the electric heater as it was cutting out,this was supplied free from truma and cured the problem .Ranger I think is pretty much the same spec but different colours. Mine is 1300kg and has never been any trouble towing, very happy with it !

Tina x
Mar 13, 2006
I have a Bailey ranger 470/4 berth 2005 model which again is a light caravan weighing in at 1192kg ,touch wood i have not had any problems with this caravan at all.I was in the same situation as you just other a year ago and went for the Bailey mainly because of the good reports of Bailey and there warranties(6 years water ingress) and I also know people who swear by Bailey ,plus it is British and you should have no problems for parts etc I hope this has been of help mike


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