Me and my Coat

Sep 24, 2008
Looking for things to do thought it about time I had my Regetta coat cleaned for the first time, have had it about twenty odd years . We use to go in our motorhome to all the shows and at Shepton Mallet bought this two part waterproof jacket. Anyway took it too cleaners who shied away from doing saying try sponging it , which I did with no success. In the end put it in the w/m on low and amazing it has come out like new. I started to think where this coat has been on our travels all over western Europe and UK. It has travelled in nine motorhome and two caravans. In the Pecos stopping in a layby overnight a coach pulled up with lots of guys wearing all sorts of apparel, as they seemed ok we left them to it and next morning we entered a town and seemed to attract attention with waves etc. Later got out and walking around the back found the guys had plastid election notices all over the back. Near Andorra snow was getting bit deep so parked up on our own so we thought and in the morning German lady came up for apologising. being too close to us ,2ft. Portugal again on our own weather dodgy , pulled into farm asking to stay over night where they said ok down the bottom on a track side of a lake/ . reservoir?. In the night wind got really bad and van lifted up one side , I do not know whether my wife screaming or the van lifting frightened me.. Found a lovely beach hard enough sand/grass for our unit to go on and as usual on our own, again woke up in morning and there must have been dozen more along sides. Portugal again got lost called at fire station how to get back on track Lovely people , one got in his truck and said follow me. A bewildering journey found us on a very large travellers site , amazing what they had set up , we saw home w/m in the open fed from a tap 100yds away wit branches leading off that . They took no notice of us except for some small children. Switzerland
, pulled up at passport control , one guy waving people through but not us. A guy came out of the office , can't remember did he "goose step", he started raving about something which I suppose he meant documents which he looked at and I do not know whether he could read Englis but still raving on . My wife said go away or something like that and me replying don't work him up anymore, wondered if he is asking for our marriage certificate. Eventually he went of and we scarped quickly. So back to my coat , it has spent many a hours fishing and getting a bit grubby handling various things but although looking good as new I am not and so it will see some more fish but no escapades like we use to have . Am 87 in a few months and looking back at the things we saw and done camping would reckon nothing like it. A note as it is today security has to be taken as in those days you did not worry about things so much. We read about gas attacks and some I think its all in their minds or a scam for insurance The only time we needed breakdown was in Holland rattling from the front wheels which made me call AA, within half and hour a Dutch mechanic drove up to the pitch and found stone had got behind the front hub caps. Stay safe guys.
Nov 11, 2009
I showed you post to my wife to highlight to her that my 2006 Sprayway Torridon is still a veritable junior in the “aged coat” league. 🤭
Jul 18, 2017
Not so much with coats as I am a jersey man. Wife always tries to sneak off my old comfy jerseys. Every Christmas I get jersey which then spends most of its life hanging in the wardrobe!
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Jan 3, 2012
i have just brought two Regatta coats i have one for best and another for use in the colder months takng my two dogs with my mobility scooter its keeps me warm and if i went fishing it would go with me .
Jul 15, 2008
Not seen anything come my way :(

The head office is in Manchester and she lives in central Manchester.
She has had to work under tier3 Covid restrictions for some time......we haven't met up for several months except via Whatsapp.
May 7, 2012
I always liked my full length leather coat although it could make you look like a gangster. Perfect fit, but it cost me nothing as salvage from a claim, and I was the one it fitted. Got an invisible (well almost) repair done and no one outside the office was any the wiser.


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