Jul 27, 2005
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hi, we are looking at buying an older (80s/90s) caravan. can we fit a microwave? if so what sort of wattage. how do you know what you can run off the mains hook up - eg can you run a toaster, kettle, fan heater?


Jul 15, 2005
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We don't have a microwave in our van, but I can't see a reason why you shouldn't take a small one with you.

Maybe one of the cheaper "Value" microwaves from one of the UK supermarkets? These have a power requirement of less than 1000 Watts (this is about 4 Amps).

Assuming you have your fridge on site power, Dometic rate the power requirements of a standard fridge at around 250 Watts - about 1 Amp.

If you just add up the Watt ratings of all the electrical stuff you have on at the same time, then divide by 250 and this gives you a figure for your current requirement in Amps.

Sites usually post an absolute maximum current rating for the power supplied to each pitch, and a recommended maximum based on everyone using that level of power.

Generally if you don't exceed 6 Amps, you should never have a problem, 10 Amps is probably a short term maximum.

This is a more important question for Europe, where you may be asked if you want a 4 Amp, 6 Amp or 10 Amp hook up. And if you exceed the value, your supply will trip and need to be reset.

To this end, most of our electrical appliances are low wattage variants of normal kitchen stuff, so our kettle is 500 watts (not 1000), our heater can run at 500 Watts, etc. So we've never had trouble on a French site with 4 Amp maximum.