Motorhome newbie!!

May 10, 2015
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Morning guys!!

I will soon be looking to purchase my first motorhome. I currently have a Caterham 7 which is my pride and joy but recently I've been looking at motorhomes, but I will have to sell the speed machine Caterham to release the funds.

So I will have about ยฃ20,000 to spend on a 6 berth motorhome. I am totally new to motorhomes so I'm unsure what's what. What manufacturers should I look at?? I'm after a 6 berth, relatively modern interior and exterior with reliability. It will be used for the weekend breaks in the UK with extended tours of Europe. Storage is key and possibility of a garage would be great to store bikes and kiddy things.

Insurance?? What could I expect to pay considering I'm 28. Maintenance wise! I'm handy with a spanner so can do most jobs myself as I've owned a few sports cars and classics. Are motorhomes low maintenance if looked after??

As you can tell I'm very new to MH so plenty more questions to come. It will be strange going from a car with 0-60 times in 4.5secs to a big old bus but I've always fancied one and now I've got a small family now so it seems like a good time to buy a home from home on wheels.

Any advice is welcome so thanks in advance.


Kate Taylor

Jul 18, 2012
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Welcome to the Forum! A six-berth motorhome is quite a big bus to start with. Here are a few pointers that might assist you in your search. First of all, you can find highly reputable motorhome dealers you can trust and the best motorhome manufacturers (as rated by our readers/their customers) in our annual Practical Motorhome Owner Satisfaction Awards report.

Check out our motorhome reviews online here, using the drop-down menu to see different manufacturers' ranges. We've been reviewing brand new motorhomes for years now so you'll find older models listed at their launch price-point.

Finally, please look at our advice section on this website to find 'Buying a motorhome advice', which looks at specific makes and models to look out for.

Good luck!