Motorhome parking in Blackpool


Jul 28, 2011
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I've just received a message from Brian Flowers, the council's Parking Support officer regarding Banks St car park situated alongside North Station:
"Due to electrification works now being carried out on the rail line between Blackpool and Preston we have had to give up a sizable area of this car park in order to create a works-compound for this work to go ahead. Sadly, this means we have lost ALL coach bays that were situated alongside the railway, and also an area of car bays at the east end. This means there is now no Coach or Motorhome parking allowed at all on Banks St car park for potentially up to 18 months. Only cars are allowed and only car tariffs are available from the P&D machines at this site. We are recommending coaches and motorhomes to use Gynn Sqr or Foxhall Village as alternatives."


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