My baby's not "new" anymore!

Nov 19, 2010
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Strictly speaking, of course, she stopped being new when she left the forecourt.
Then she stopped being new again when the next registration code (58) came out. But neither of those made any practical difference since I wasn't planning on selling her (I'm still not!).
Now it's really hit home. On March 1st, the warranty ran out AND she was due her first MOT.
Local garage has passed her, but reported brake pads getting thin (fair enough at 40k miles). However, also reported brake DISCS ridged round the edges, due to pads not reaching all the way. Total cost £350!

Wondering if they were trying this on, I rang the Main Dealer 12 miles away, who know the van well. Apparently this is pretty normal nowadays, and if I took it there they'd charge topside of £500! Small consolation was that if I'd had it diagnosed last week it still wouldn't have been done under warranty - wear and tear!
So I'm back in the "real world," of garage bills and MOT tests. AND need to sort out my own breakdown cover once again!
Ah, well, nothing lasts forever does it?


Ouch, that's a hefty bill to start the season with, Tony!
I found it interesting the main dealer pointed out that wear and tear to brake pads and discs isn't covered under the warranty. I reckon that would surprise a fair few motor caravanners out there, and that there's a lot of confusion over what's covered and what really happens if you ever need to make a claim.
In the April issue of Practical Motorhome, Nick Harding asks: 'Do you know how warranties work? Have you ever made a claim on yours?'
He's undertaking some work on the subject for the magazine, and is asking for feedback from motor caravanners on their experiences, whether their 'van is new or pre-owned, whether the claim was on the base vehicle or conversion warranty, and whether it's underwritten by a dealer or backed by an insurance company.
Anyone who's had any experience of this, or wants to be involved, please drop Nick a line:
Tony, I hope you enjoy the season, and go easy on those new brakes! :)
Rob Ganley, editor


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