New map online to find Caravan and camping sites - LayerMap

Sep 5, 2021
As a caravanner myself, I'm always looking for where to visit next, and especially what is there to see in the area. I have created an online map called LayerMap showing almost 1000 camping only sites and over 6000 caravan/ motorhome sites. It can be accessed at Over a year of searching and there are now almost 2000 tourist attractions in both UK and Ireland along with thousands of other interesting places, organised into layers to suit your interests.
Jul 18, 2017
Looks good and a lot of hard work. The ACSI have something similar and they cover the whole of Europe plus you get discounts in the off season. Another good resource is a forum called uk campsite.
Our priority is sites that have fully serviced pitches and on other maps we can filter them out. Not overly bothered with tourist destinations as most charge high prices and are over crowded, plus we are out to relax. :)
Mar 17, 2020
Like you we look for places to visit predominantly based upon the interesting things to see in the local(ish) area.

This is true both here in the UK and also in Europe.

I suppose we are "tourers" rather than sedentary people who look for "home comforts" at a caravan site. In fact I'd go further than that and say we positively avoid popular highly developed sites with fully serviced pitches, glamping pods, bars, clubs, children's play areas and the rest.

Thankfully we are all different and we can't honestly see why anyone visits a camp site as a holiday destination - it's a different place from home and a base for exploring a, new to us, part of the world. A review that stressed quiet, interesting surroundings, clean basic amenities and value for money would interest us - basically the CS and CL network.

We rarely erect an awning, certainly not for a stop of less than 5 or 6 days, preferring a Caravanstore canopy which comes into its own abroad in hot weather and takes minutes to deploy or store away. The bulk of our caravanning counted as nights camped are in Europe. As for sitting outside the van with "glass in hand", whilst the "glass in hand" contents are highly valued, gazing at an environment filled with rows of white tin boxes doesn't really appeal!

Our caravan is a means to an end and not an end in itself. Our "relaxation" is exploring the wonderful world we share and, when not dragging our tin box around Europe we have, until Covid, been jetting all over the world to "tourist attractions". I suppose it's arguable that to be a "tourist attraction" there must be something of value to see. :rolleyes:

What you have provided is very useful resource and I for one find it useful.

The different areas of interest you've chosen are wide and, for us, relevant, and should certainly be great starting points for picking places in the UK to visit. Well done and thank you.

I can't compare your contribution to camping with commercial sites such as ACSI. You are providing more than a list of sites which is the focus of ACSI. Site reviews can be found everywhere and ACSI are great in bringing together a large number of, discounted at off-season times, sites for those who look for "value for money." We use ACSI every year but can't compare it to the resource you've provided. "Chalk and cheese" springs to mind!

Once again thank you for what you have done and are sharing with others.
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