Jun 16, 2010
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hi all hope your all well ive just got a audi q5 auto diesal my terracan hit on the drive right off so can anybody has got a q5 how does it tow my caravan is a brindisi baily any feed back would bee wellcome thanks stay safe everybody cheers .tom
Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Tom

You haven't given us enough detail to be able to offer any concrete advice.

But from a quick internet search of current models, it seems the car may have a kerb weight of about 1800kg and the caravan an MTPLM of about 1550 kg which gives an indicated towing ratio of about 86% which is pretty close to the industries guidance figure So on the face of it, it looks as though it should be a suitable match.

But I do advise you to check the Audi's "Gross Vehicle Weight" (GVW) figure which is the top figure on on the cars weight plate. I suspect it will be in excess of 2000kg The second figure is the cars Gross Train Weight (GTW) which will be greater than the GVW.

The caravans Maximum permitted weight (MTPLM) should be no greater than the cars
GTW - GVW, otherwise the caravan will be too heavy for the car .

And that bring me to another concern. If the GVW + MTPLM is bigger than 3500kg you must ensure you have a driving licence with cat BE entitlement.
Jan 7, 2007
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Hi Tom, I had a 63 reg Q5 3.0tdi. Towed our twin axle Swift with no problems. Lovely powerful engine and very stable. Great all round car. Now I’ve got an SQ5 which is crazy powerful both towing and solo. Towing max weight for both was 2.4tonne and 100kg max nose weight.

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