New Toyota Avensis 2.2 D-4D Tourer - ???

Oct 4, 2005
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I am trying to assess the new Avensis 2.2 D-4D Tourer as a towing vehicle for an ACE Viceroy (1,161Kg unladen wieght)caravan. The new Avensis model now has 148bhp, torque of 310Nm, max nose wieght of 75kg, 6 speed manual gears and a kerb wieght of approx 1,500Kg. I have read some poor feedback re the 2.0 D-4D model. Can anyone share towing experiences with the new 2.2 model. Is there a significant improvement.Thanks for your help.
Aug 14, 2005
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I recently considered a Toyota Avensis until I checked out the Tow Weights etc. The Avensis has a maximum towing capacity of 1300kg. This seems crazy for the kerb weight and power of the car but that it what is stated in the literature. I quizzed the dealer about this who said that Toyota under-estimated the capacity. The probelm is that if you risk it and have any problems (accidents etc) and found that your caravan exceeds the 1300kg your insurance maybe invalidated. Your caravan is 1161kg which only leaves 139kg for additional payload. I think its a shame because it is a lovely car. I decided on a VW Passat which has a maximum towing capacity of 1800kg.
Mar 14, 2005
Yes, the relatively low maximum permissible towload of 1300kg apples to both the petrol and diesel version of the Avensis but Robert was wrong in saying that this would restrict the payload of your caravan to 139kg. If it's unladen weight is 1161kg and the noseload is 75kg, you would still be legal with 214kg of payload. This is because the towload is not defined as the total weight of the caravan but only its axle load.


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