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Nov 11, 2009
Heating the water using lpg when you're on ehu obviously wouldn't make sense, but it's not prohibitively expensive as an alternative when no other power source is available.
We've often rallied off grid with the fridge and the water heater on lpg.
We didn't leave the water heater on for long periods of time, and sometimes it's easier and cheaper to put the old whistling kettle on for washing up off grid.
Even with electric we put the water heater on first thing in the morning, then turn it when we go out, or even if we are in the van. Tends to go back on later afternoon and stays on until supper pots are washed up. So even on gas it wouldn’t use much at all.
Jul 18, 2017
Once the water has heated up sufficiently in the morning, it should stay hot all day with it clicking on and off with the thermostat. I would think that leaving it on all day would use less electric than letting the water go cold and then heating it up later in the day? Not being an expert on heating I am unsure, but we leave ours on 24/7.
Apr 11, 2021
Update after the Bank Hol weekend: Yes, the heater was ok so the electric element must have had an overheating cut-off. I am much relieved and have now ensured I have a de-camp checklist where switching the boiler off comes before draining the van!
For anyone who's interested, the spec of the Truma heater is Model: US 10, serial No. US-103-22209199, 850W, 10 litres, It is fitted in a 2012 Adria Adora.
Thank you to all respondents. :)


Nov 12, 2009
Thanks for letting us know and I'm glad that no damage was done 😊