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Jan 19, 2008
The following is a cutting out of the Daily Telegraph from last year.



Let us hope the ban on caravans using the outside two lanes of the M5 around Bristol is the start of a vigorous persecution of these absurd trailers and their ridiculous owners.

When they are moving they hold up the traffic in a thoroughly selfish manner and when they are parked they are an eyesore. Their contribution to British tourism is marginal, the owners usually fill them up from their local supermarket before departure and restrict their local shopping to milk and a few eggs.

In addition caravans are environmentally unfriendly and dangerous, given that their inexperienced drivers rarely take them out on the roads, and then waste thousands of hours of other peoples time as we sit watching them wind their snail like way to the coast.

Surely if we are unable to ban these trailers we should restrict their movement on the roads to the dead of night. Harry Cotterell


Now the only Harry Cotterell I know locally is a Hooray Henry who has a large estate just outside of Hereford. If it was him who wrote this letter the family are of the horsey set having regular point to point events on their land. If so, how he has the nerve to complain when the local roads are chock a block with horse boxes God only knows. Then again in a bigot like thats head, they would be experienced drivers. Unfortunately I never saw if there were any replies in support of caravans but I would hardly think too many vanners read the Telegraph so I think not.
Dec 16, 2003
Well every area has its ****hole, and it seems Hereford has one that can move about.

He'd better beware as CRAP AG are looking for bonnet

mascots ;-)

Life is full of prats and Harry has to live with his ignorance, and no doubt all the local councils who levy tax's on camp sites will be pleased to stop the practice as they make no money from us ;-)
Dec 30, 2009
Lets all convien into a field of his when he has a show jump planned and say we are there to watch the horses. Bet some of his horsey mates take a caravan/campervan as well to kip in for the w/e.

Where will this all lead lorries stoped from using A roads because they have a max speed of 40mph oh and lets ban hgorse boxes as well as they can only do 50mph legaly

What an absolute prat.

Kevin H
Dec 16, 2003
Lord B.

If this Harry Cotterell is by chance really called Henry of the *arnon* estate at *yfor* HR4 7J* Tel 01981 590 2** or maybe the other H Cotterel at ***er view HR2 6E*

Tel 01432 340 3**.

You and some of your serfs could go around and have a polite word. No what I mean arry !!!!! ;-)

Tell him about CRAP AG, a few Caravanners could be on a door near you ;-) if you know what I mean :)

He can run but he can't hide :)
Jun 29, 2004
After years of thinking that the happy smiling faces that waved to me as thay pass were just being economical by only using two fingers!!




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