Nord Electrica fuse box, battery charger, NE 183 control panel repair and praise

May 25, 2010
This post hopefully will give a good bit of information for any of you with Nord Elecrica battery charger, fuse box or contol panel problems and publically thank Apuljack Engineering
I had a problem with my NE183 control panel on my Ace Firestar recently, after turning off the mains to check the 12v system, the control panel would not light up and 12v system would not work, mains system worked okay even with control panel disconnected. I thought I would have to buy a new control panel at around £300 (Bl--dy scandelous)
Paul, from Apuljack Engineering contacted me through the Swift Talk forum that I had posted on. He informed me that they had dealt with this problem before. After looking on their website and seeing that they repaired and upgraded all Nord Electrica items (battery chargers, fuseboxes) that have had continous faults, I sent off my control panel and fuse box. After testing in the lab Paul contacted me to let me know it was the conrol panel and not the fuse box (replaced that last year at great cost) and the the cost. I was most impressed as it cost about a 6th of a new control panel, very impressed with the service and glad he "hi-jacked" my thread on the forum, so you dont need to pay exorbinate prices for new Nord Electrica items - get them repaired stronger than the original
I would like to point out I have no personal or business interest in Apuljack Engineering, just a satisfied customer who would like to pass on the benefits to fellow caravaners
Jun 14, 2012
Hello mcork
I would like to join you in personally thanking Paul at Apuljack engineering. I have had my fair share of problems with my charger,fuse board, and control panel. Which is all in the hands of Apuljack at the moment. He is slowly getting the problem sorted out. I have had very little help from the manufacturers who seem to wash their hands of any problems. All they seem interested in is how many caravans they can sell and how much profit they can make. Caravans these days are an expensive luxury with a poor aftersales service.