OH LOOK!!!!!!

Mar 14, 2005
In amonst 10 or 11 listings of the now seemingly usual,drivel there's Edward he's new to caravanning and wants advice,(only sorry i couldn't help)he mistakenly thought this was a forum about caravanning,and that somwhere out there would be a wealth of experience he could learn from and get help,how wrong he was not a single reply,yet the playgrounds full.

I suggest he tries Touring and Tenting a much friendlier bunch,i have.

Mar 14, 2005
Of the exactly 12 listings, there are currently 3687 posts on the Technical topic alone. All "techie" stuff where I for one have sought and got advice on a problem with my caravan. Other topics in the main with specific catagories have a lower no. of hits but still provide an excellent service and as you would expect "General" has the most.

I have not found Edwards post and you do not indicate where he posted it?

Tom - Most of us visit other Forums anyway! And yes it is true that of all of them, this one seems to populated by more than our fair share of those intolerant to others.

I end up defending caravanning against the "anti caravans" brigade on some 4x4 Forums but have never experienced the abuse and intolerance shown to 4x4 users on THIS forum. The discussion is far more adult and reasoned on other forums and does NOT resort to personal abuse by one or two as happened here.

Niether do you get a minority threatening to "pick their ball up and go home" if anybody disagrees with you!
Jan 19, 2008
The post from Edward is under "Our Website" but Edward can be excused for posting it under the wrong thread if he is new. I will repost it for him.

edward 1984 ace diplomat

8 Sep 2005 06:18 PM

hi we are new to caravaning and have just bought our first caravan,a 1984 abi ace diplomat.could you please advise us on a suitable tow car.also the fridge (an electrolux)will not stay lit i have checked the gas do you have any advise

yours thankfully

edward lawson
Jun 7, 2005
Bit unfair Tom, Edward posted twice asking for towcar advice. 8th Sept at 6.25

Answered briefly but sensibly at 9.39 same evening by guess who!!!! Kanga
Sep 2, 2005
Kanga, I dont think you are as annoying as some might think. At times you show your more natural side. I think that you might be obsessed with winding some members up just 'for a laugh'. However I did read somewhere on the forum that it was a possibility that you and another member (who you always seem to be at loggerheads with) are both the same, an 'alter-ego'. I am not convinced that this is not true as both seem to know that it is possible to change details on logging in to the site to enable this to happen. Forgive me if my deductions are incorrect but I suppose I will never know for certain will I?


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