Overnight Dover

Apr 16, 2005
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I know this question has been asked loads of times before, but I haven't been on the forum for such a long time.

Good advice sought please on where we can park up with a van close to or in the docks. I know there are lots of well meaning people out there, but please, I do not need or want to stay on a site.

Aug 28, 2005
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Hi John

As a local (born in Dover) but now living a further 30 mins away .

I can tell you there is no provision for an over-night stay's in the docks area in fact it is in the process of having it's security updated to match the Eurotunnel site i.e. 10ft perimeter fence armed officers from Kent policy present etc.

Your only option is to sleep in one of the few remaining lay-bys on the A2 or A20 if you can get a space early enough and don't mind an interrupted nights sleep.

I know this goes against what you ask but the CC site near Folkestone does have a special overnight ferry area to meet your exact needs.

I really feel there is no suitable areas except if you try sleeping on the promenade at Dover (lovely view of the channel on a summer's morning!!) but I'm not sure of Dover DC policy on people overnighting on the public highway.

Regards MH
Dec 16, 2003
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If you are on P&O ferry just head for the check in when you get there and camp the night in France like I always do!

Plenty of space at Calais and the there are main Motorway service stations near by where you will join others with vans and motorhomes camoing the night. There is no hassle, unlike the UK. And we've done it for years now with never a problem.

Ask for the Clef pour la douche and the motorway services and you can even have a shower before you hit the road!


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