peugeot 607 2,2 HDI

Jul 14, 2005
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Well no one replyed so I got one anyway, 2.2HDI, 136BHP, 315PSI at 2000 revs, puuls my Swift Challenger as if it was'nt there and still does 25mpg and the ride is so good, you dont know that you have driven. I would recommend this car as a tow car, but you must buy 2nd hand to avoid the depriciation. Mine, 02 plate 17500 from new, one lady owner, SE


Glad you are delighted with your car and I hope it gives you a lot of pleasure. Ironically, the 607 is quite prized in mainland Europe but here seems to have been given the 'death' by reporters. It is indeed a very comfortable car but the complexity means, beware any electrical problems. I also gather from various posts that Peugeot aftercare leaves a lot to be desired.

Hopefully, you won't ever need it.


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