Pigheaded Dutch selfdeclared tyrepressure-speciali

Jan 6, 2019
Came to this forum, and registered to give tyrepressure-advice.
Got hold of the official European formula to calculate it from standards manual 2007 page 14 vv of ETRTO , and went running with it.
Got wiser in time bij nagging people who knew more about it.
In spreadsheets I made for it , I now use my own formula, wich comes to higher pressure then the official one, but takes better care of keeping the same deflection as when maxload on tyre and reference pressure filled.
Reference pressure is the pressure behind AT on C- tyres, and the tyremaker calculates the maxload for that AT- pressure and reference speed.
Also found out the relation between maxload and speed.

We began with a camper ( motorhome) and later swiched to Caravan. For a few years we dont own both anymore and hire a camper where our 2 doggies are allowed.

If some writing errors , sorry, nowadays I react mostly on my mobile phone, wich askes much of fine motorics of this 59 year old man.

If I accidentially use tire instead of tyre, its because I also wonder around on American fora, where a mission can be made about tyre-pressure, there different formula, that leads to lower pressure for the load.

The caravan pressure calculator is multilingual
That language part, I constructed together with an Englishmen, i met on other caravan-forum.

Greatings from Holland
( ja dat is) Peter
My nickname is from a Dutch name song sung in the 1960's
Ja dat is Peter translates as yeah thats Peter


Mar 17, 2007
Welcome to the forum jadatis. I am sure your advice on tyre pressures will be interesting and helpful, but hope you help on other touring related issues too. Keep posting.
Nov 11, 2009
Hi Peter and welcome to the Forum. Hope to see your tyre pressure equations soon.
Jan 6, 2019
The spreadsheet that opens directly in English, is in a submap of my motorhome- map in my public map of onedrive that belongs to my hotmail.com adress with usernane jadatis ( like this to prevent spamm)
From thete you can navigate the complete public map.
I cant find how to make a link, but mayby automatical


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