Porch awning for Swift charisma 220

Aug 21, 2018
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We are very new to this game and are searching for a small porch awning for our new 2 berth swift charisma 220 caravan. It is a minefield and I can’t seem to see one that would fit as the door to the van is towards the rear...does anyone have an idea of where to find one that would fit. We don’t want to pay too much as only just purchased the caravan and spent a fortune so far lol. Thank you in anticipation.
Sep 4, 2017
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Although I have a full Kampa 360 awning we tend to use our SunnCamp 260 canopy more often. Big enough for me and the missus. It is so easy to erect and very good all round. A healthy person will put it up in less 15 minutes. Slide it in the rail, 4 main pegs 6 others and away you go.Although ours is the 260, they make bigger ones.

The first picture was taken 2 weeks ago and on that trip survived horrendous rain without a drop of leak. Yes obviously the open front foot or so got wet but 2 chairs, table, shoes etc were all dry. No rain puddles left on the roof. No leakage either. Very serviceable.


The next picture (in next post) was taken in Cornwall in December. Boy did the wind blow. It stayed up but I must add as a result of that trip I invested in extra long strong pegs and 2 adapted storm straps.


Mar 17, 2007
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A tape measure is your friend here. Measure how much straight awning rail you have. Measure how much straight rail you have rear of the door. Assuming the door opens toward the middle of the van you don’t need much awning rail rear of the door, just the width of the pads that go flat against the van. Measure what sort of distance you have between doors and windows. For some, a porch awning dropping over a window is a deal breaker, others (like me) are less bothered but it is worth avoiding if you can. Measure the height from awning rail to ground. Armed with all these measures go to a decent awning retailer. I have had good experience of Renishaws in Clay Cross Derbyshire. Attwolls have lots of videos on you tube. I haven’t used them but they seem to have a good selection. Having found one that fits you can then search the second hand market to save some dosh.
Good luck. Just do the maths.
Jun 20, 2017
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We have tried quite a few types over the years. when we bought the current van we bought a new (the first owner never used it al all) Kampa fiesta air pro but, despite trying, I couldn’t get the thing to look smart, it always reminded me of a carrier bag stuck to the side of the van.
I’ve bitten the bullet today and bought a new Isabella Minor in the Salop Leisure sale.
Looking forward to using it on our 10 night holiday now.



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