Powrtouch Mover Bearing change.

Jun 20, 2005
DIY £20. Powrtouch parts and fit £70. Took the cheap route. Fool!
So got the Wyoming high in the air , triple safe on boards and tipped sky high. Removal of the mover should be like dismantling a meccano kit. Wrong! One nut on one of the U Bolts wouldn’t budge. WD40, Plus Gas no good. Heat gun worked , just. New U bolt and nut set arrives tomorrow, £20 for both sides. Next time no messing, cut them off with the angle grinder. They have been in situ 10 years.
Outer roller bearing is all balls :woohoo: Inner race holding the roller needed plenty of persuasion . It came off but only the outer cage and balls. Now I cheated. Down to the local engineering shop to remove the old inner bearing housings and press the two new bearings into place. Pick up tomorrow and then refit. It was very hot today so after dropping the bits off at the engineers visited the local hostelry for a few beers.

Costs are now mounting, my back is aching and I still have tomorrow’s work to face.
Next time I am paying £70 a side and relaxing :whistle: :cheer:
Mar 14, 2005
Why do you think the bearing failed ? Despite the age, the 'running' hours can't be very high ?
Jun 20, 2005
The outer bearing is very small , 10 p size, balls , rollers would be better.
Although mine is a “ heavy duty “ 2wd on a 1700 Kgs T A from what I can see the ball bearings are the same as say that fitted to an Eriba Puck.
Over ten years it has only been used most times to line up the Al-ko wheel locks. Once I did use it to move 60yards from one pitch to another in Sutherland.
It has been a very good tool. I guess after ten years even the best may fail. Are bigger ball bearings better than small or maybe roller bearings are the answer?
No complaints from me but in engineering terms I may have been bettered off letting Powrtouch mobile engineer doing it for £70 a side. Fun any way and for me an achievement :cheer:
Nov 16, 2015
A Mate of mine asked if I could change the two broken Hex shafts on his motor mover, "Yes not a problem" took me most of four hours, what a fafe.
I will admit, It's nice when you DIY, saving a bit of cash to spend on yourself or on SWMBO, and the spare time you have waiting for the bits to be done. Friday will tell at FC. :woohoo:
Jun 17, 2011
Some caravans ago I had the same problem. Blamed it on water splashing up from the road, only wore on the door side near the gutter. The bearing are supposed to be sealed and maintenance free but I sprayed some oil about since then.


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