Problem refilling Alde 3020 hot water tank

Sep 26, 2018
Hi all,

Been down to the van in prep for our next trip. The intention was to "puriclean" our water system, which was last active in mid March. So, mixed up the cleaner, added to the Aquaroll, closed the drain valve on the Alde, hot water shower (furthest away) turned on to bleed the air out, Whale pump in Aquaroll on and working... We got none of the usual gurgling and spitting, and no water out of the shower. After a short time the pump cut out and then was running a short time roughly once every 9 seconds, but still no water.

As we don't drink the hot water we decided just to do the cold side, and that worked fine. Water drawn through, and all left to stand for an hour...

Had a good look around the Alde, and there's a clear breather type pipe off the top of the boiler where the cold feed enters but that was clear

As we were waiting we went off for lunch, and returned an hour later, and pumped the Aquaroll out (through the cold only),and refilled AR to rinse through as required. This time the hot behaved differently and we got a flow out of the taps, although the kitchen tap seemed very much a poor flow (from both H&C) whereas bathroom was fine on both.

There's a small pressure accumulator and no filter that I can find... Can anyone tell me whether there is anything I've missed? It could obviously have been an airlock, but ??? Any pointers gratefully accepted!

Sep 26, 2018
Just to close the loop on this, the issue was a partially blocked aerator/filter on the kitchen tap. I also checked the bathroom tap, and that had a wood shaving (!) in it.
Jan 19, 2002
Ah all's well then! hopefully the good flush out with cleanser and then fresh will have shifted gremlins from the system, but having had a similar problem with lack of flow when I first had the van I now regularly check the filters in the tap ends and rarely find them completely clear!
May 11, 2021
I have to clear the gauzes pretty much every trip. I long for the day that it all gets 'cleared out'!


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