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Jun 17, 2011
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Why do dealers vary in attitude so much. A couple of years ago the led on the ATC failed. I phoned our then dealer in the West Midlands (Bailey, Coachman and Elddis) and was told to take the van in and they would get approval from Coachman and I could then return later for a new one to be fitted. (I kicked up a stink and the job was done when I next went past.) Last week I managed to melt the mains lead connector! I phoned my present dealer,Clwyd Caravans, and was advised what to do and an hour later they had repaired it. Well done. A lamp problem with our new tow car took me to the nearest Kia dealer where I was told I should not drive the car and they would not be able to look at it for over a week. (I found the loose connection that night on the towbar side and put it right.) How that service compares with our usual dealer, Brindley in Tipton, who have always welcomed me and solved any issue. You feel welcome and confident at some and threatened and unwelcome at others. Why?
Mar 14, 2005
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Human nature and because each of the dealers is a separately owned company and is only a franchisee of the brand name. It is up to the owners of the branch to employ people and direct how they should respond to customers.

If poor service by a particular dealer is brought to the attention of the Brand supplier, they might intervene, but ultimately all they can do is to remove the franchise for their brand from the dealer.
Feb 25, 2017
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Same goes for Caravan Servicing as well in my experience. We used a mobile company to come and complete our caravans annual service last year. What a couple of morose individuals they turned out to be. More interested in sitting in their van smoking / drinking tea / getting over a hangover, than even thinking about customer services / care.
All the feedback I got apart from a sticker and a hastily written report was a couple of grunts. I would have been better off employing two apes. Needless to say, I will try and find another company next time. Hopeless.


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