Repair tips needed

Oct 14, 2005
I've got a 1983 Renault Trafic Holdsworth. Somewhere along the line someone has replaced the pop-top with a fixed high top leaving an ugly seam running about an inch above the top of the windscreen. Does anyone have any tips for how I could cover this up and make it look half decent? If so, could you suggest where I may source the materials. No repair specialists in my area seem to be interested in fixing my old van.

Jul 15, 2005

Be nice if you had some pictures of the problem area.

What's your DIY skill level like? Have you done any body repair work using fibreglass and polyester resin body filler? And can you use a spray gun or cans of aerosol paint?

I'm assuming that the high top is rigidly bonded, not a flexible joint, onto the Traffic's bodywork? And that it's a lap joint with a visible edge?

My suggestion would be to make a smooth edge to the lap joint with some flexible body filler, then a fair amount of sanding so that you have a reasonable smooth curve from van roof into the high top.

Then prime and paint that area - unless you've used a spray gun before you won't get a good match - but you could hide it as follows: If your van has coloured artwork or areas of contrasting paint, then run a band of the contrasting paint around that section of the roof, and / or apply a wide decal to cover the join.

Oct 1, 2005
How about making a feature of it, maybe use a length of white J rail to make it look like a rain channel so the water off the roof doesnt get to the window.


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