Replacement as new insurance potential proble.

May 7, 2012
I read that one caravan maker has already sold out of all caravans they will build this year and assume the others are the same or near that level. That may mean that if your caravan is lost or stolen then a new replacement is unlikely to be available for a very long time. Tasking cash may not work as most policies say a cash settlement is only available at market value so whay do you do. You can try for the nearest youngest second hand model or wait until next year, possibly buying something very cheap to tide you over?
May 2, 2020
This will also increase caravan theft and cloning , as I almost had last Wednesday. We have kept our caravans on drive for years with no problems till last Wednesday night when 3 men in balaclavas came down our close 1 went down each side of caravan and other looked underneath they must of then realised they couldn't take it but before they left they took a picture of the front window, we have informed police and also CRIS, we live on the S. Yorks and Notts boarder. Please everyone be vigilant
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