Reversing/rear view cameras

Sep 20, 2017
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I am sorry if this has been covered and discussed to death but I couldn't find any threads that related.

I intend to fit a twin lens or 2 camera system to my outfit. I think I prefer the 7" monitor that clips over the rear view mirror, this being somewhat useless as I can't see out of the back window.

First question: Wired or Wireless. Conflicting reports about the wireless system and interference make me lean towards the wired system but ease of fitment makes the wireless system a little attractive.

Second question: If I go for the wired unit I am thinking of the 4 pin wiring. Am I right to do so.

Final question, for now: Kits from china seem to be the same as those sold in the UK, but about 3 times the price in the UK. I know there will be a lot of replies saying the ones from china are no good. But, I have fallen for this in the past and found the tech I paid a fortune for in the UK, my friends have got for a fraction of the price. Lets face it not many things bought in the UK, don't come from China.

Anyway I am open to the opinions of others.