sargent 310 stinger alarm fob pairing

Nov 16, 2015
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Bobbyg58, this is what I got from Sargent a few years ago.
Open the Alarm box, sorry I dont have the diagram, but once you have opened the box its straight forward.

Learn the key fobs - locate and press the learn button
Referring to the diagram below, locate the learn button on the circuit board inside the alarm case.
Press and release the button.
A blue LED will illuminate next to the button to indicate learn mode, which will stay enabled for 20 sec.
Holding the new key fob about 1 metre away from the alarm system, press and hold the Arm / Disarm
button until the blue LED starts flashing.
Release the key fob button, the blue LED will start flashing faster to indicate a successful learn, and
then extinguish.
The procedure is now complete.
Repeat the process for any additional fobs.
BUTTON View looking into the
top of the alarm
system showing the
circuit board
Reassemble the alarm case
Place the battery back on top of the alarm chassis in the same position as before removal.
Slide the alarm lid over the chassis,

To erase and reset fobs you can youe this next bit but be carefull
Erasing all key fob codes (use with caution)
If you need to clear the key fob codes due to loss of a fob or for other reasons please proceed as follows:
Before you start, please ensure you have all the required key fobs available, as you will need to re-learn
them at the end of this procedure.
Open the alarm case as described above
Press and hold the learn button until the blue LED comes on, continue to hold the button until the blue
LED extinguishes.
Release the learn button whilst watching the LED.
The LED should give a quick flash (about ½ second) to confirm a successful erase.
If the LED comes on for more than ½ second (usually about 2 seconds) then erase has failed and should
be repeated.
When the erase process is successful, you can re-learn the new key fobs as described above.