searching for a day van, advice please

Dec 8, 2011
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Hi all,

I suspect I'm asking too much from one vehicle, but if I don't ask....

I used to have a 1974 VW camper and enjoyed every minute of it. I've since got married and lived all over the world.
Now we're back in blightly we were planning to get another 1970's VW camper to use as a day van and every day means of transport.

Unfortunately with all our moving around the insurance companies wont touch us on anything over 15 years old as we haven't been residents of UK for 3 years and even then they'd only give us a limited mileage policy. too limiting for a day to day vehicle.

That forces us to look at under 10 year old motorhomes.

I feel that if I'm getting a newer vehicle then surely I should get some modern features such as aircon, cruise control, swivel front seats, decent economy etc but these seem very rare.
And trying to find any reliable and consistent economy figures seems impossible. Has the motorhome trade not caught up with regular car industry??

So my plea for help is in finding a suitable day van with:
1. walk through from front seats
2. good economy
3. good cruise speed on motorway
4. space for 2 adults to move around
5. comfy/cosy seating area (not driving seats) to have a cuppa and enjoy the view
6. pratical table(s)
7. small amount of cupboard storage space
and preferably:
8. fixed double bed

not fussed about:
9. fixed kitchen (happy to use portable camp stove)
10. fitted bathroom (usually on campsite if overnighting)
11. fridge (happy to use a portable when needed)
12. 240v mains (happy to use portable 240v camping hook-up)

So far my best option seems to be a Mercedes Vito LWB, install swivel front seats and a pop-up roof and I make the whole flipin' interior myself.

Any suggestions very welcome,

Happy travels,

Dec 8, 2011
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Many thanks for your response.
yes we're starting to narrow the search down to a Transit base. It seems to give us the best internal space for a van but still with some driving comforts.

RR :)


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