Second hand diesel automatic estate

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Dec 1, 2008
Dougy, I've been reading the comments with interest. I started caravaning last may and was unsure on the best towcar. I have problems with my legs and needed an automatic and with dogs it had to be an estate. Having had a few I opted for the BMW over Ford ( also had a few of those from new, Modeos that is). We tow with a 525d auto estate on an 05 plate so its the 2.5l not the 3.0l in the later 525. We tow a sterling trekker and are approaching 95% of the vehicles kerb weight. It tows like a dream, with 400lb of torque it doesn't feel like the vans on the back, it can tow upto 2000kg and has a 90kg nose weight limit and is returning 26mpg not bad considering the vans weight. It was a little more expensive than the mondeo but I managed to get one with 3 years remaining of a service package. Without looking I couldn't tell you the insurance group, but my annual premium is
Jan 22, 2009
Thanks Ian

I was offered a 530d M-tech from a friend for a good price but the insurance group was 17 which was something I didn't want to even look at.

I will have a look at the 525's to see if there is anything that I like.

I have never been impressed with Mercedes but there are a few that have caught my eye recently, one being a C220 which I did like. The spec on it was good and it was at a good price too.

I will have a look at the BMW's and keep you all posted.



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