Second Hand Van Warranty

May 2, 2005
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Just looking for some general coments.

I purchased a second hand caravan, a 2001 Sterling Sapphire in November 2004. It went back a few days later to have a shower tray replaced..cracked. It was at the dealer for about 3 months.

Since then I have had about 9 days away in the van and have now discovered that the charger/transformer is faulty. The suppliers estimate about £150 to repair.(Original unit no longer available).

The dealer gave me a 6 months warranty at the time of uplift and now will only pay the £50 of the estimated repair.

I feel that given the van was not available for me to use, due to the faulty shower, the 6 months warranty should have been extended to start on the day I took final delivery.

If I buy and pay for a brand new van and take delivery 2 months later, the warranty would start when I got the van.

I feel the repair should be covered by the dealer.

Anyone got any thoughts on the matter.???

Thanks for any comments

Jun 17, 2011
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David, was the shower tray faulty when you bought it or did you break it? If you found it on your first time out and the dealer did not tell you about it then the Sale of Goods Act might apply in that the goods were faulty. If now there is another fault that compounds the issue. My advice is to have the repair done as cheaply as possible and then claim the lot back from the dealer. I bought a second hand van with 12 months warranty and found the entire rear wall was rotten. The estimate to rectify was


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