Secret meeting

Dec 16, 2003
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Bush and Blair held a secret meeting in a resort to discuss the new Iran Problems.

A wealthy guest and his wife at the resort some how passed the security guys un-noticed. Walking into the conferance suite they sees Bush,Blair and a few other world leaders in conference.

"that's Tony Blair says the Woman and her Husband says "yes and that's George Bush, Putin and Chirac.

What are you guys doing says the guy, "were planning to kill thousands of Iranians an Irishman a Blonde with big Boobs.

"Why an Irish man" says the woman as her husband says "why a blonde with big boobs.

"thuuurrr ya alllll go" says Bush, "told you no one would care about a few more Arab Types.
Mar 14, 2005
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What a disappointment - I thought that this would be a secret tryst between two or more contributors of this forum and was about to get my binoculars and camcorder out for some interesting hanky panky. I think it is referred to as "dogging".


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