site in Budapest

Mar 14, 2005
I've never been there so I can't speak from personal experience but according to the information I have available, there are 5 sites in and around Budapest, of which Jumbo Camping in
Mar 16, 2005
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Lutz, I stayed at a site next door to the Hungaroring last August, really easy to find and you can enter the aquapark to cool off. They also do a good line in transport to the local hospital when you cut your head open too!!! But seriously the facilities are really good and there's a lot of fun, just don't go during the Grand Prix weekend because you can't move, we did, but then we did go specifically for the race.

I cant remember exactly what the place was called, Aquarena or something like that, I'm sure you'll find it in Google, but I do know there's a link from the Hungarorings website.


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