Sleep Easier in your beds / White Van man sorted!

Dec 16, 2003
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Now we all know how serious HM gov are. Announcing today that they are to spend 1.3 million on training white van man.

Well they have little money for anything else but with approx 200000 van drivers on our roads that averages about £6.50 per driver! So they must be serious :)

Now to be fair nearly 1/2 of the WVD guys say they are perfect drivers and nearly all the others never realised there was anyone else on the road so they don't want any training,they also said as for driving in the right gear to save fuel, "they don't pay for it so it's not a problem mate".

So the two or three WVD's on here that tow vans in there spare time have one hell of a training budget to learn respect self control and how to years economically


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