Smart phone broken

Jun 24, 2005
Can someone tell me how much to replace the screen glass on a smartphone? Been quoted 100 euros here in France which seems a bit excessive. Thinking I'll probably wait till I come back to the UK in September.
Nov 16, 2015
Thats about the correct price, bought a new screen for mine £35, and watched the you tube video, easy peasy, it didn't show the bits in between and then snapped the new screen fitting it. Bought a new phone £120.
Nov 11, 2009
At risk of being accused of being a diverter I have been gradually sorting through my dads flat as he’s not likely to come back. This evening I was clearing out his car and came across his small Samsung two band phone. It had nit been used for at least five weeks whilst I have been up here. On powering up it still had 60% battery power remaining. Different to my iPhone which whilst I’m not a heavy user requires charging every two days even when I adopt power saving settings. Might get one of the old style phones very compact, tough as old boots and have seemingly endless power reserves. And would probably add useful hours to my day!
Oct 12, 2013
It's usually around the £2o to £3o mark here if you shop about , I would persevere and keep it till you come back to the UK but I would not be paying £1oo !!! :(
Jun 26, 2017
Without the OP specifying which smartphone it is, I really don’t see how anybody could possibly advise regarding the cost of replacement.

It’s a bit like asking how much one should expect to pay for a replacement engine for their car.

Just to give a couple of examples, if it’s a generic Chinese handset, £20 or £30 may well be more than the phone’s worth, but if it’s an iPhone X, a 3 figure sum to have the screen replaced at an apple store would undoubtedly be money well spent, as attempting to replace the screen with a cheap counterfeit would at best significantly reduce the value of the phone, and at worst also render it unusable.
Jun 22, 2017
Crawling around in cupboards to wire up a rear view camera in the van I also broke the screen on my phone. Looked at replacement went for a phone on Ebay then found out that phones with cracked screen can carry on working fine in fact the young are deliberately cracking their screen's as it's fashionable?!
Oct 12, 2013
I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge plus , had it 3 years , small crack on the top thats all. Lots of people have cracks on their phones as when they get on the bus I gotta try and read their on line mobile ticket on their phone !! Kids phones are the worst though !!


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